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2023 Trendiest Engagement Ring: How to make it your own

Calling the brides to be! The first thing we all want to think about, the thing we have been thinking about (maybe) since we were little is: the ring.

The ring that will be on our finger for the rest of our lives. The ring that will change our lives. The ring that needs to say I’m with someone, forever.

Everyone has their own vision of their perfect ring and at Personal Illusions, we are here to make that ring a reality.

This is so exciting, however, nerve-racking. This is totally normal! It’s a huge commitment to decide what ring you’ll have forever… Although, maybe not as nerve-racking as the person you’ll have forever 😉

All jokes aside, the ring is important and it’s valuable to know different styles so you get what you want.

As mentioned in our blog the 4 C’s we talk about ring basics- if you’re totally lost, check it out!

Drum roll please… The Instagram famous and most popular ring style for 2023…


You guessed it! You’ve most definitely seen it. The oval shape ring has made quite the comeback and we are here for it at Personal Illusions. This style speaks: elegance, classic yet trendy, a statement, but what we love most- this is a timeless style. The oval will take you through a lifetime without leaving you underwhelmed. However, we know what you’re thinking: everyone has it. Truthfully, no one has your ring. But rest assured we are here to show you how to add personalization to 2023’s trendiest ring style (it’s our specialty!).

The Band

A creative and unique way to change up this trendy ring style is the band! Bands are underrated. This can totally change the look and the overall vibe of the ring entirely. You can play with width, colour, and of course- diamonds! A band with diamonds comes off as flashier and more modern, where a solid gold band will present the ring as traditional and even vintage. 


Size can make a huge difference! An oval cut can present in many ways: it could be narrower, or wider, it could be larger in size or smaller. Size will change the overall look of the ring (and never in a bad way! We are pro engagement 😊). 


Another great option to explore for customization is colour! This could be the material of the ring or the colour of the stones. Keep in mind- you don’t only have to use diamonds. We have many brides who love to incorporate colour, ways to do this is using different stones like morganite, sapphire, emeralds, etc.

Another way to personalize your ring is the colour of the material. Popular materials are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold; all can change the feel of the ring.

Gold Ring With Pink Gem

Halo Style

Have you ever heard of the halo style? We “personally” love this style! The halo circles the outside of the main stone(s). This style offers more glam and provides the “illusion” of a bigger ring. Halo can be single, or double.

Three- Set Oval – The. Three. Set.

This is for the gal who loves to wow the crowd AND loves the oval. The three sets are elegant, glamorous and subtly make a statement. And it’s totally underrated! Three-sets can be done on a small or large scale (3 larger stones, 1 big and 2 small, etc).

Your Wedding Band

Don’t forget- your ring also gets a partner! Your wedding band can completely change the look of the ring; it can dress it up, or down. Your wedding band should be taken into consideration when personalizing your ring!

We love 2023’s trendiest ring! What’s your favourite personalization?!

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