Sports Ring

Championship rings are custom-designed rings commemorating significant sports achievements, commonly in North American sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Championship rings are available for a variety of sports, including baseball, football, gymnastics, and fantasy football. Rings are expertly crafted and available at competitive prices, ensuring lasting memorabilia for teams’ achievements.

  • Fully customizable champ ring
  • Choose from hundreds of stone colour options
  • Endless top and side-of-ring design options
  • Choose from black, gold or silver metal finish
  • Choose from 3XL Superbowl-sized, Large or Small
  • Choice of metal type
  • Choice of ring top size
  • Custom or stock top icon
  • Choice of stone colours
  • Side stock icons (additional custom designs -extra)
  • Custom text on all sides

Complete Design Form


The appropriate gear is essential to performing well in any sport; for example, if you want to run for long distances, you need to have the right trainers, and if you want to play football, you need to have the right shin pads. If you are an athlete, you should give great consideration to the jewellery that you wear, just as you would with your equipment. When it comes to accessorizing while playing sports, your primary concern should be the safety of everyone involved. However, you probably also want to make sure that you feel fabulous and that your jewellery is protected.

When it comes to jewelry for athletes, it’s important to prioritize safety and comfort over fashion. It may be tempting to wear your favourite jewelry piece while playing sports, but it’s best to avoid wearing any jewelry that can disrupt your movement or injure you (or anyone else). By taking these simple precautions, you can stay on top of your game and enjoy your favourite sports safely and comfortably.

How do I get the players on the team sized?

We are able to send a ring sizer packet to your team upon request. The packet will give you step by steps instructions on how to size your finger. We make this process very easy for you and your team.


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