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  • The Cross that Holds Ashes

    It can be hard for people who are very sad to do things, even things they want to do, especially right after another person dies. This could mean getting memory jewellery or other things to keep. If you were close to the person who died, this could be a nice gift to give (on top of the other help that is needed). It’s possible for someone mourning to want or need a memorial piece of jewellery but just can’t bring themselves to order it.

    It can be harder to get memorial jewellery than just ordering it online. Engravings, fingerprints, and ashes may need to be taken care of. Even making one piece of memorial jewellery can help someone who is mourning; once the jewellery is given to them, you will have done something that can actively comfort them.

    It is very kind of you to make tribute jewellery for the family and friends of your loved one who has died. Giving it shows that you understand how much the person who died meant to you. In times of loss, it’s hard to find comfort, but memorial jewellery can help.

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